Lawrence Community Works

168 Newbury St.
Lawrence, MA 01840

Lead in Asset Development:
Annery Brea, Director of Asset Building Family Department


LCW is a growing network of thousands of Lawrence families who are investing in family assets, helping each other overcome adversity and working together to improve our City. We invite you to check out what we are doing, how we are doing it and to be a part of Reviviendo! – The renaissance of Lawrence.

Work in Asset Development:

LCW knows that in order for our members to thrive, developing tangible and intangible assets is key. The Family Asset Building (FAB) department of LCW enables families to achieve their full potential through building savings, skills, peer support, and literacy of all kinds.  FAB programs include:
Individual Development Accounts (IDA): match participant savings (3:1 or 4:1) towards sustainable asset ownership, while providing intensive financial literacy training, credit counseling, and peer support.